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April 21, 2012
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Pokimono App- Thanos -updated- by Daytime-Shinigami Pokimono App- Thanos -updated- by Daytime-Shinigami
Character for :iconpokimono:

:bulletblack:Name: Thanos Ichiren
:bulletblack:Pokemon: Banette
:bulletblack:Type: :iconghosttypeplz:
:bulletblack:Number: 354
:bulletblack:Age: 22
:bulletblack:Birth date: January 13 (Capricorn)
:bulletblack:Height: 6’ 0’’
:bulletblack:Village: Noir Vale
:bulletblack:Job: Treasure Hunter
:bulletblack:Ability: Cursed Body
Has a 30% chance of disabling the attack used by the attacking Pokemon after it hits the Pokemon."
:bulletblack:Attacks: Shadow Ball, Curse
:bulletblack:Likes: Rare Items, Hot Springs, Fireworks, Earning money, Challenges, Traveling, Meeting people, Drinking

:bulletblack:Dislikes: Physical contact, Cleaning, Making mistakes, Being restrained, Being indoors for too long

Because he hates physical contact with others, except from a select few, he tends to freeze up or lash out on people who touch him. But if you get to know him he’s actually an easy going and fun person sometimes willing to go out of his way to help.

He is very active and loves to explore, always ready to steal rare items or plunder ruins for treasure. Thanos is fiercely protective of people close to him, sometimes showing childlike possessiveness over them, and will protect them from any kind of harm regardless of the cost.

Thanos was born with a terribly weak immune system. He was not sickly, but was forbidden leave his sterile room and denied any sort of outside contact for fear that he would contract an illness his body could not defend against. He passed his time learning to play the koto and listening to his parents tell him stories and teaching him just outside the walls. His older sister, Ethra, was also born with the same disease. They shared the room together and were very close. Over the years, Ethra grew curious and despite Thanos' protests, began to sneak out. She befriended a young boy and was soon spending many days with him, until she got ill and couldn't fight against it. Thanos blamed himself for her death.

Around 14 as his immune system was developed enough for him to leave his room and have a normal life. Though for years he shied away from even his parent’s touch he finally let them hold him without getting scared or angry. Apart from them he still feels extremely uncomfortable to foreign contact. He worked his body so it could become strong and agile loving being able to run and fight without being tired.

Although he considered a life as a musician he quickly dismissed it favoring treasure hunting instead. It was more fun and paid better, always sending half his earnings back home to his parents feeling the need to repay them for years of treatment and medicine.

Despite having limited interaction with others in his youth he remains happy and willing to interact with others not being one to feel sorry for oneself or needing pity. He has a hard time speaking of his sister still though.

:bulletblack:Additional Info:
-->Has Haphephobia, you don't want to touch him.
-He is capable of holding grudges for the longest time until things have been made right, but he is extremely forgiving.
-He gets along well with children and would make a great babysitter if only he’d let them touch him.
-He has a very secret love for soft fluffy things.
-He loves intricate patterns and designs.
-He has great skill playing the koto but doesn’t play it as often since he can’t travel with it.
-His weapons are Hook Swords but he also has small throwing knives hidden all over his body for setting off traps.
-His scars above his eyes were given to him as a punishment/warning for getting caught stealing by the target’s guards, they did nothing to his vision luckily.
-Despite the shame in being caught he came to like his scars, insisting that they make him look cool and dangerous.
-His parents don’t know he’s a treasure hunter and think instead he became a traveling musician.
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